Message from Cairo  (April,2005)

 Hello friends,
Thank you for greetings and care! I apologize for not being able to update news about myself. I've been traveling around Egypt and internet is not easy to get. Now I've settled myself in least for now..Cairo is a great city..Though far from's one of the most exciting cities on earth! Here in Cairo, you will never stop thinking, wondering, tasting, disgesting whatever comes to your ear and eyes..You'll never find yourself without ppl yelling, singing, greeting, crowdeness, broken things, sands and dryness, ill health, bad food, laughters, casualness, animals, surprises, paradoxes...ppl're living in novelty...I'm like Aice who walks into the Wonderland..Now i have to look upside down, talk upside live in this great city of a thousand and one nights..
Talk to you later! Maisalama!


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